Become a Professional Gelato Chef with our theorical and pratical course!

Italian Artisan Gelato

An educational program, both theorical and pratical, designed for those who want to acquire concepts and skills to enter the gelato business, with all its characteristics and management needs, with excellent training, to change passion into a real job.

We pass down the knowledge of our Instructors, acquired by generations of tradition of gelato chefs families based in Florence, to be able to produce the real Natural Artisan Florentine Gelato.


  • Basic Agenda

    CE Regulation n.1333/2008 (European certification);
    Knowledge and analysis of raw materials for the production of artisan Gelato;
    Techniques of gelato production;

  • Basic Agenda

    Introduction and pratical application of recipes balancing;
    Visit to Chef's Gelato Shops

  • Recipes

    Florentine cream, Fior di latte, Fruit gelato, Fruit sorbets, Ripple gelato

  • Timetable

    5 Days - 9 am to 4 pm
    Lunch is provided daily.

  • Languages


  • Issued Certificates

    Certificate of Attendance