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Become a Professional Gelato Chef with our theorical and pratical courses!

Italian Artisan Gelato

Gelato Campus offers its attendees the opportunity to experience a full immersion in the world of artisan gelato in its very birthplace, Florence, where it will be possible to develop the theoretical and practical knowledge of the trade from the professionals of the Gelatieri Artigiani Fiorentini (Florentine Gelato Artisans) Association, a consolidated group of activities that qualify as excellences of the territory.


The offer of Gelato Campus is customized according to the commercial or training needs of the attendees, so the level is not established in advance. It is therefore addressed to all those who want to build their skills from the basis, and also to those who want to deepen and refine the manufacturing techniques of the true Italian artisan gelato.


It articulates in two parts: the theory in class -a full equipped gelato laboratory- and the internship, recognized by Cescot Firenze, in an authentic gelato shop of one of the members of the Florentine Artisans Gelato Association, an experience which will allow to learn directly in the field every aspect tied to the profession: production, relationship with suppliers, staff management, customer relations, sales and marketing aspects.


At the end of the training, an attendance certificate will be issued by the Association of Florentine Artisan Gelato Association.


The course is available in four formulas:


5 days of theory in class 


5 or 3 days of internship 



2 days of theory in class -30 receipes customization course- 


3 or 5 days of internship 


Please note: It is possible to attend the lessons in the classroom without any obligation to do the internship. On the contrary, in order to do the internship it is necessary to complete the training in the classroom.


  • Basic Agenda

    CE Regulation n.1333/2008 (European certification)

    Knowledge and analysis of raw materials for the production of artisan Gelato

    Techniques of gelato production

  • Goals

    5 days course
    The main goal is to provide a thorough knowledge on all aspects of the creation of artisan gelato, through a training focused mainly on the practical part in the laboratory and tailored on the needs of the attendees. From the composition of the raw materials and their properties, to the correct balancing of the ingredients, to the study of sugars, to the criteria to fill a showcase.
    Furthermore, the course allows the trainees to deal with the sales and management techniques of a real activity on a daily basis.

    2 days course
    The main goal of the course is to build together with the demonstrator a package of 30 recipes of artisan gelato completely customized, which will be developed based on the specific needs of the participants and through a training focused mainly on the practical part in the laboratory.



  • Topics

    Main topics of the 5 days course

    ‚Äč• Raw materials - Composition, properties, availability according to the season
    • Balancing of gelato and sorbet
    • Study of the diversity of sugars in ice-cream
    • Custom gelato based on special requests (ie gelato for intolerances)
    • Yogurt gelato
    • Sauces
    • Granita and cremolata
    • Extraction by hot and cold infusion of spices
    • Composition of the showcase

    Main topic of the 2 days course

    • Tailored development of 30 gelato recipes, which will be created by the demonstrator together with the student on the basis of his personal needs (for example the choice of raw materials).




  • Timetable

    Class 5 days: Tuesday to Saturday, from 9.30am to 3pm

    Class 2 days: from 9am to 4pm

    Internship: from 9.30am to 1.30pm or from 3pm to 7pm

  • Languages



  • Certificates

    Certificate of Attendance recognized by Cescot Firenze