Gelato Campus Offer

Become a Professional Gelato Chef with our theorical and pratical courses!


Gelato Campus offers its attendees the opportunity to experience a full immersion in the world of artisan gelato in its very birthplace, Florence, where it will be possible to develop the theoretical and practical knowledge of the trade from the professionals of the Gelatieri Artigiani Fiorentini (Florentine Gelato Artisans) Association, a consolidated group of activities that qualify as excellence of the territory.

The offer of Gelato Campus is customized according to the commercial or training needs of the attendees, so the level is not established in advance. It is therefore addressed to all those who want to build their skills from the basis, and also to those who want to deepen and refine the manufacturing techniques of the real Italian artisan gelato, like with a focus on vegan gelato, low-sugar/low-carb gelato, eccentric gelato flavors etc.

It  articulates in two parts: the theory in class -a full equipped gelato laboratory- and the internship, recognized by Cescot Firenze, in an authentic gelato shop of one of the members of the Florentine Artisans Gelato Association, an experience which will allow to learn directly in the field every aspect tied to the profession: production, relationship with suppliers, staff management, customer relations, sales and marketing aspects.
At the end of the training, an attendance certificate will be issued by the Association of Florentine Artisan Gelato Association.

The theory and internship offer is available in four packages:

GIOTTO: 5 days theoretical class //max. 10 participants
DONATELLO: 2 days hands-on training in class -20 recipes customization course- //one business at a time

MICHELANGELO: 3 days internship //one business at a time
LEONARDO: 5 days of internship //one business at a time

Please note: It is possible to attend the lessons in the classroom without any obligation to do the internship. On the contrary, in order to do the internship, it is necessary to have succesfully completed the Giotto or Donatello training.

Furthermore, in combination with Giotto, Donatello, Michelangelo or Leonardo packages, it is possible to request this special package, to immerse yourself in the real culture of Italian food and beverage to understand how the world's best gastronomic products and gelatos are created! The goal is to gain a deeper understanding of consumption habits, to be able to select the finest raw materials, see how other craftsmen produce and sell their gelato. This experience will give many interesting insights to rework and apply.




  • Goals

    Designed for those who are particularly interested in creating its own delicious and well-balanced gelato and sorbetto recipes, using high-quality ingredients that provide the right stability and structure

    Designed for gelato business entrepreneurs who need great customized recipes. Once the recipes are tailored, it is possible to add them to EQUILIBRIO APP and make them using the SMART SCALE

    Designed for those who have attended a Gelato Campus theoretical training and want to practice in a real gelato shop, this unique offer allows the gelato maker to-be to address issues related to the daily management of the business, including daily production and customer service, by taking an active role in it. 
    In 5 or 3 days, interns will acquire precious skills and knowlege, being guided by our professionals and their team in every step.


  • Topics - Theory

    Main topics of the GIOTTO Package

    Part One – History of Gelato

    - History of Artisanal Gelato
    - Gelato tradition in Florence
    - Traditional production technique

    Part Two - What is Gelato
    - American ice cream vs gelato & sorbetto
    - Cold process vs hot process
    - What gelato & sorbetto are made of?

    Part Three - How to make Gelato
    - Balance the recipes
    - How to make the most common flavors
    - How to make & present new eccentric flavors

    Part Four - How to make Sorbetto
    - Balance the recipes
    - How to make the most common flavors
    - How to make & present new eccentric flavors

    Part Five - Vegan gelato
    - The vegan concepts and recipes (low sugar/low carb, alternative sugars, etc.)
    - The vegan business

    Part Six - Equipment & Tools
    - Important tools for laboratory
    - Gelato machine, blast freezer, display case

    Part Seven - Chef Suggestions
    - Tips on how to make your customers happy
    - Advantages in using local and typical products 
to offer uncommon gelato flavors
    - How to always keep your display cabinet tidy 
and good looking
    - How to raise the profile of your gelato store 
thanks to particular gelato flavors

    Main topic of the DONATELLO Package

    Tailored development of 20 gelato recipes, which will be created by the demonstrator together with the student on the basis of his personal needs (for example the choice of raw materials).

  • Timetable

    GIOTTO: 5 days/25 hours
    //5 hours per day

    DONATELLO: 2 days/12 hours
    //6 hours per day

    MICHELANGELO: 3 days/12 hours
    //4 hours per day

    LEONARDO: 5 days/20 hours
    //4 hours per day

  • Languages



  • Material Included

    GIOTTO: Raw materials, customized chef apron and hat, lunch at the school, certificate of attendance recognized by Cescot Firenze

    DONATELLO: Raw materials, customized chef apron and hat, lunch at the school

    MICHELANGELO: Customized chef apron and hat, certificate of attendance recognized by Cescot Firenze

    LEONARDO: Customized chef apron and hat, certificate of attendance recognized by Cescot Firenze

  • Taste Italy

    The real culture of Italian food and beverage experience

    Duration: 3 days

    What is included:
    - 3 dinners in Italian typical restaurants
    - Central Market guided tour
    - Gelato Shops guided tour with gelato tasting
    - Uffizi Art Gallery guided tour