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"To see the sun sink down, drowned on his pink and purple and golden floods, and overwhelm Florence with tides of color that make all the sharp lines dim and faint and turn the solid city to a city of dreams, is a sight to stir the coldest nature." - Mark Twain

Florence is most definitely one of the most beautiful cities in the world: not only for its museums, palaces and churches, but also for its views, its sunsets, its culinary tradition.

The Cathedral, the Baptistery, the Uffizzi Gallery, the Bargello, the Accademia, the churches of Santa Maria Novella and Santa Croce, the Pitti Palace, the Boboli Gardens are only few of the treasures of Florence that you can visit, but don’t forget also what is outside… Dive into the old streets and alleys, contemplate the views of the Arno River, cross the Ponte Vecchio, and experience the real Florentine lifestyle.

Come find out with your own eyes, this and much more awaits your visit!