The real Italian Gelato School in Florence

An historical association located in the heart of Florence

Florentine Artisans Gelato chef Association is a project created with the initiative and the passion of different Gelato Professionals.

Their main goal is the promotion of zero food miles artisan gelato, this is why they choose only local suppliers for raw materials, in order to produce a high quality and genuine gelato.

Through its activities and projects, the Florentine Artisans Gelato Chef Association transmits and teaches the concept that real gelato can not be improvised, but needs experience, craftsmanship and quality of its raw elements.

The school project is not a standard course: for the first time a group of professionals provides its knowledge, a wealth of different personal and heterogeneous experiences.

This project leads people to discover “the artisanal workshop experience” that no textbook can teach, thanks to a two-way exchange, through a continuos and direct comparison with those who spend the majority of their life in their laboratory.

Become an active protagonist, take a challenge in a place of art, history and strong traditions.
We put at your disposal a structure equipped with all comfort, with the latest technology and the most advanced tools available on the market.

Florentine Artisans Gelato Chefs Association
CESCOT-Florence training organization